• Pocket Rocket


    These streamers feature all the best parts of our nasty , just on a smaller scale.  6 great colors based on our proven RTF Forcing Cone pattern.They are tied on razor sharp Gamakatsu hooks and feature Flymen Fishing Company Baitfish Heads. The Pocket Rockets are the perfect size for smallmouth & largemouth bass and any other species looking for a large meal, even trout.

    These flies have the baitfish profile and tail action sure to drive all the fish crazy. The Flymen baitfish heads provide the right amount of weight to get down in the water column. Slow stripped with a floating line gives a perfect up and down “jigging” effect. Fast retrieve gives that erratic wounded baitfish action.

    Please keep in mind that these flies are weighted and can be react different depending on rod set-up and cast stroke.

    All Pocket Rockets are tied on a Size 2 Gamakatsu hook and are approximately 4 inches long