• JLO - Topless and Fuzzy Bottomed


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Joe Lewis described this Nymph in 2012 to Hatches Magazine as the only nymph he needed. Our crew has been drifting versions of this bug for quite a while and can't agree more. we have selected 3 colors in our own variation of Mr. Lewis's pattern that have worked well over the years. Try it and let the trout tell you how good it is. 

    We removed the Wing case and added some bunny to the tail but fly itself still is based from the original. 

    Bead headed, Heavy Wire, Size 8, 1.5" Long

    Drift it!

    Swing it!

    Strip it!

    All rights to this pattern go to Joe. We personally spoke to him and he gave us exclusive permission to market and sell this fish catching fly. We named it JLO to keep it short and give him full credit.